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    In today’s digital world, teachers are struggling in finding new ways to engage students. When home technologies such as mobile phones, tablets and games consoles are highly advanced, widely available and hugely popular with young children, finding educational engagement with technology in the classroom can be even harder, especially if the technology deployed there is less engaging than that of technology children use at home. Currently, the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities in EU is low, with only about 50% of students being taught by teachers, who use ICT in at least 25% of their lessons.
    Virtual Reality can become an innovation and an added value in school education, can deliver experiences and interactions for students that are either not practical or not possible in the ‘real world’, provides an unparalleled way to immerse and captivate students of all ages. Virtual Reality can become a teaching methodology which helps students feel immersed in an experience, gripping their imagination and stimulating thought in ways not possible with traditional books, pictures or videos, and facilitates a far higher level of knowledge retention. Enhancing and extending the learning experience is at the heart of what Virtual Reality can offer students, and is possibly one of the most powerful of all technologies that could help change how we learn forever.

    Virtual Reality teaching methodology in schools bring a huge impact for different sectors of teachers and students, and we can even more think of how much impact and benefits can bring to the students with lower opportunities, from disadvantages areas/schools, with disabilities, in dropout situations or with poor school performance.

    Introducing a new concept in educational technology: Virtual and Augmented Reality, the [email protected] project creates a complete different classroom. [email protected] is a ground-breaking project offering a student-teacher friendly interface, practical resources and guidelines, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use VR lessons designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students.

    Project Results

    [email protected] Online Library - Educational Technology and Open Education Resources

    Open / online / digital education – Open Education Resource (OER)

    Teachers Guide on Virtual Reality in school education

    Methodologies / guidelines – Evaluation method and tool

    VR Educational Resources for science and transdisciplinary school disciplines

    Learning / teaching / training material – Audiovisual material

    VR School Laboratory (Implementation Guide of VR in schools for principals and teachers & Simulation Lessons using [email protected] with students and teachers)

    Methodologies / guidelines – Methodological framework for implementation

    Short-term joint staff International Training Events

    Learning/Teaching/Training Activities


    Liceul Teoretic de Informatica "Grigore Moisil", Iasi (Romania)
    Fundatia EuroEd, Iasi (Romania)
    Make up your business, Iasi (Romania)
    Pixel Associazione, Florence (Italy)
    CIPAT, Florence (Italy)
    Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Braganca (Portugal)
    Soros International House, Vilnius (Lithuania)
    Vilniaus Karoliniskiu Gymnasium, Vilnius (Lithuania)

    Contact Us

    Visual Identity

    Name: Adina Romanescu

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Phone Number: +40741023427

    Address: Str. Petre Andrei, Nr. 9, Iasi

    Project title: Future schools using the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and training in the classroom

    Project Acronym: [email protected]

    Ref. no.: 2018-1-RO01-KA201-049411

    Programme: Erasmus+

    Action: Strategic Partnerships for school education

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